These days, it seems like CBD is everywhere. CBD has become so mainstream that it’s no longer something you’ll only find at your local dispensary or wellness store. Today, you can find CBD-infused dishes in restaurants, CBD-infused beauty products in salons, CBD-infused drinks in supermarkets and more. There has also been a huge increase in services that incorporate CBD, including the latest trend: CBD-infused massage therapy.

A massage that incorporates CBD can take a relaxing experience to a whole new level. But is it worth it to get a CBD massage, and would a CBD massage be right for you? To help you decide for yourself, below, we’ll go over everything you need to know about CBD-infused massage therapy.

What is a CBD-infused massage?

A CBD massage is exactly what it sounds like: a massage that incorporates some type of CBD-infused oil or cream. Spas and massage parlors that offer CBD massages often do so as an additional service.

For example, you can turn a Swedish massage into a Swedish massage with CBD or a deep tissue massage into a deep tissue massage with CBD. So, a CBD massage is designed to give you the benefits of a regular massage, but with a holistic boost from the CBD.

Benefits of CBD Massage

While more research is needed to fully understand the benefits of CBD, current research on CBD suggests that it may have a variety of health benefits. Studies have shown that CBD appears to have anti-inflammatory properties and can help calm anxiety, relieve pain, promote better sleep, reduce tension and more.

When you get a CBD massage, you get all the benefits of a regular massage, with the added benefits of a topical with CBD. Massages are amazing for your health. They can relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, reduce pain, calm the nervous system, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce stress, and help you relax.

Next, topical CBD products, such as lotions and creams, have the same benefits as other CBD products, but can distribute them locally. CBD topicals can relieve acute or chronic pain in muscles or joints, treat skin or joint inflammation, and promote deep relaxation.

CBD lotions and CBD body oils work synergistically with the benefits of massage therapy to make massage even more relaxing, soothing and transformative.

It’s worth noting that CBD topicals used for massage may also have other beneficial ingredients that can further enhance your experience. Some soothing ingredients that can often be found in CBD topicals include arnica, lidocaine and capsaicin. Arnica is a natural ingredient known to relieve muscle fatigue and lidocaine is a cooling and soothing ingredient.

Then, capsaicin is a warming and pain-relieving ingredient that can help relax stiff or sore muscles with activated heat, while also blocking pain messages from your nerves. Aromatherapeutic elements, which can help your mind relax along with your body, are also common in CBD lotions and creams.

CBD topicals may contain relaxing essential oils, such as lavender, sage, ylang-ylang or bergamot. Or they may contain essential oils, such as sandalwood, myrrh, rose or frankincense.

Are there any side effects of a CBD massage?

CBD is generally recognized as safe and most people do not experience side effects from using CBD. Most of the studies that have been conducted on CBD side effects have looked at oral CBD products, such as CBD oils and tinctures. or capsules.

These studies have found that oral applications of CBD can sometimes cause mild side effects, such as drowsiness, fatigue, or nausea. Studies have not linked any of these side effects to topical CBD products, such as CBD lotions or creams. However, it is possible that CBD topicals may cause these types of mild side effects since they contain CBD.

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