Fun boats could not be more different in the final round of the Best of Boats Awards: classic design meets purist, elegant meets modern, sporty meets robust. You can have fun with all these boat models, from the very exclusive to the purely sporty. You check and read the article 10 best bowrider boats for more ideas.

B1 St. Tropez 6: Fine lightweight with power

The B1 St. Tropez 6 is a great sport boat with a rather unconventional, car-like dashboard. It has excellent sailing characteristics and has its own design and comfortable equipment. The adaptability to one’s own needs is impressive given the compact size of the boat.

The performance is the same. The Daycruiser weighs 900 kg dry and without engine and can be powered up to 300 hp. The easy to trailer boat can become an express lounge. With noble cushions and exclusive control elements it reminds of a sports car, and it also drives like a bolide. The St. Tropez 6 is safely on course and accelerates phenomenally.

Heyday WT-1: amateur athlete with a good wave

The shipyard presents the new boat series as a “Game Changer”, meaning the claim to offer the first really inexpensive boat for wakeboarding. The smaller model, the Heyday WT-1, is completely designed for active water sports. The main task of the boat is to throw as big a wave as possible.

With a length of only 20 feet, the boat fits into most garages. There is no superfluous equipment. What is not on board cannot break. The special construction makes a generous deck layout with plenty of space for a larger party possible. A maximum of nine passengers fit on the short boat. The centrally positioned steering position also puts the driver in the centre of the action.

The inexpensive boat is offered with the 350 hp 5.7 l V-8 engine and throws a perfect wave – a real wake tractor. More than half a ton of additional ballast makes sure that the wave is a good one for the wakesurfers.

Invictus 370 GT: Grand Tourismo par excellence

The Invictus 370 GT corresponds completely to the Italian design from the pen of Christian Grande and stands out clearly from all competitors by the hull form with the negative Steven. The handling of the 370 GT is therefore exceptionally good, just like that of the smaller model, the 280 GT with the Invictus became known.

The generously designed deck layout with the centre steering position and a lot of space in the stern and a splendid sun lounger as well as the elegant speakers make the 370 GT an elegant weekender with many exclusive design solutions on and below deck. The GT can be customized extensively, with unique features for a boat of this size, such as the hydraulic bathing platform. This makes the Invictus both a fun and a family boat.

The 5.5 ton displacement cruiser is powered by two 6.2 litre V-8 engines with 370 hp each. The 11.40 m long Invictus offers space for up to ten people. With one or two separate cabins and king-size beds, a tiled shower room and the deck pantry, it is even suitable for weekend and longer holiday trips.

Marian Laguna 760: Timeless elegance and modernity

The Marian Laguna 760 is an elegant, exclusive boat with electric propulsion and flawless sailing characteristics. It offers timeless classic design and excellent workmanship. The Laguna is anything but boring: with its 100 kW electric motor, it is also suitable for water skiing. In areas closed to petrol engines, the purely electric Laguna is a real power machine that is really fun, even with a long range.

With the 7.60 m long boat, shallow inland areas can be opened up silently or even driven through with a maximum speed of 50 km/h. The Laguna is a real power engine that really makes fun, even with a large range. Mahogany, chrome and stainless steel give the boat a modern retro look. With the characteristic sun lounger above the engine compartment, it resembles the classic Runabout. The trailerable Laguna can easily be moved from one area to another with the appropriate towing vehicle – making it just as suitable for the Alpine lakes as it is for the Venice lagoon.

Nordkapp 705 Enduro/Avant Ranger: Solid boat for all areas

The longish model name of this boat actually names two models: a bowrider and a variant with center console. The long and narrow hull, which is the same on both models, stands for amazing sailing characteristics. Our Swedish jury colleague, who uses the Nordkapp 705 as an editorial boat, can confirm this in particular.

The whole family enjoys the best protection against splash water and wind behind the solid windscreen. The stable and deep aluminium hull offers comfort even under harder conditions.

The 7.05 m long boat is easy to trail, approved for seven people and can be fired with a maximum of 250 hp. Fun is guaranteed with the slim 1,420 kg aluminium hull. The high bulwark provides safety. The extensive standard equipment, for which the Norwegian designer Espen Thorup is responsible, is solid and practical as usual.

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